The Culture of Building

I am reading The Culture of Building, by Howard Davis. It begins by analysing different building cultures around the world -how building relates to society and the role of architects within that society, and following how the role of architects has developed throughout the 20th Century until now in the 21st. It’s interesting […]

Yurt-in-g January

Looking into the Sun


Roofing Almost Finished


Protecting the Bond Beam

The aims to finish the Yurt:

-Finish the roof bamboo

-Finish the woven walls

-Cut the doors

-Repair the bond beam

-Add cob to the roof, covered with a layer of Tadelakt

-Earthen Floor

-Interior dividing wall


January- summer in the subtropics

January has arrived, and with it the low activity period for the land. The weather has been uncharacteristicly wet, with more rainfall in the first 5 days of the month than is normal for the whole of January. The road has been partially washed away and we have yet to see the damage […]

Principles for introducing alternative building technologies in developing countries

These are Kelly Lerner’s principles for introducing alternative building technologies in developing countries, taken from the book Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods. I thought these are quite appropriate and well thought out.

1: Learn from the locals Ask questions, observe living patterns, investigate construction sites, build relations with people, listen to their […]