Yurt Toilet Progress

Local Knowledge

Before returning to Argentina, a conversation took place at Aprovecho where I expressed my concerns at beginning to build in a place where there is limited access to resources ( less funds available ) and limited local knowledge ( language barrier and uncertainty about available information). My concern was that building skills and […]

Yurt Toilet

Here is a photo of the current toilet. We use a bucket system, and we compost the bucket in with the vegetable compost. The compost will be left for over a year before we use it on the garden. This gives the pathogens plenty of time to be eradicated.

And here is […]

From the ground up

These posts are for El Naranjo– building from the ground up. We are in Misiones province, northern Argentina, near the town of Obera. For me it’s been 2 months and a long absence. For the others between six months and one and a half years. Right now we are three. There are 10 […]

Economics of Natural Building

Just completed 7 weeks at Aprovecho‘s Sustainable Shelter Series Workshops.

The course gives a week long introduction to various building techniques, primarily using natural materials. The end result is the construction of a small building- in this case, an office for a neighbouring farm. One week was spent constructing each part of […]