The end of FromTheGroundUp

As the time in Argentina has drawn to a close, and is fast fading into the past- What happened at El Naranjo?

Here is an attempt to consolidate what happened over the past 6 months to a year, culminating in leaving El Naranjo, but not without learning a lot which I believe couldn’t […]

Half Formed Thought

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Economics of Natural Building

Just completed 7 weeks at Aprovecho‘s Sustainable Shelter Series Workshops.

The course gives a week long introduction to various building techniques, primarily using natural materials. The end result is the construction of a small building- in this case, an office for a neighbouring farm. One week was spent constructing each part of […]

Architects-Natural Building-Ecology

These two lectures are a way further in the direction which my thinking is going in terms of relating the professional and theoretical realm of architecture to sustainablility in the true long term ecological sense. As a brief analysis, I think that MH is proposing a formal / diagrammatic solution to the issue […]

Ladakh colour reversal

And more community..

…redefining rural design and construction, with community engagement as a guiding principle…

Hsieh Ying-Chun

Also this one but it is in need of English Subtitles..

100% Sustainable

AMO, the WWF and Ecofys launched a report describing a world 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2050. It can be downloaded here:

Border Roads II

Border Roads II

Between watching the scenery and reading the road signs. Not quite readable in the still-frame:

More sense here: Peep Peep Don’t Sleep


Check the Singapore page for more pictures-