The impure community

Jeremy Till. Architecture of the Impure Community.

Suspension of disbelief

It may be slightly cheating to make an entire post out of a quote, but here is Jeremy Till in the 2005 article: The Negotiation of Hope. Bold areas are mine..

The threat may be explained by the tension that exists between the ideals and the reality of architectural practice. Architects cling to […]

Carpentry for Giants

A reading of Leatherbarrow’s Architecture Oriented Otherwise X Current Housing Crisis.. or A letter to Bernard Tschumi from the 21st Century.

“Paper architects brought theory and practice together in the arena of art galleries and lecture halls, but this convergence ended when the market regained momentum and building commenced once again. Consequently, theory remained in academia while practice followed the money. Now we’re left with an academic discourse that produces ideologically (anti-capitalist) charged […]

The Oculus (DARK)

The in-formal im-pure and anti-geometry of natural building.

My previous thoughts ended with the question- can natural building provide a space within the architectural discourse which addresses formal, social and ecological concerns?

What would be the appropriate form for such a discourse? Existing natural building practitioners are conspicuous by the simplicity of their conceptual design- self builders and communities, architects who […]

A New Kind of Bleak

I think that everyone should read at least the introduction to “A New Kind of Bleak” by Owen Hatherley formerly of Nasty Brutalist and Short ( as far as I know, before he got published).

For such incisive insights as:

There is an awful impasse in contemporary Britain, a failure of imagination or […]

September walls… onsite r&d

Dear Architects

Dear Architects… My home – London – is being destroyed by your complicity with developers. You are bending over backwards to accommodate their demands within your projects. Where are the projects for the users? Where are the projects for the people who live in this city, who are watching it gentrify, powerless to […]

The end of FromTheGroundUp

As the time in Argentina has drawn to a close, and is fast fading into the past- What happened at El Naranjo?

Here is an attempt to consolidate what happened over the past 6 months to a year, culminating in leaving El Naranjo, but not without learning a lot which I believe couldn’t […]