The end of FromTheGroundUp

As the time in Argentina has drawn to a close, and is fast fading into the past- What happened at El Naranjo?

Here is an attempt to consolidate what happened over the past 6 months to a year, culminating in leaving El Naranjo, but not without learning a lot which I believe couldn’t […]

360 Degrees of Mud


Taking Shape


Lessons in structure and material qualities

Putting a thin layer of cob on the roof


The moment I realised we have a structural issue


It’s February, and we’ve been working hard to try and get the Yurt finished. A few days ago we began putting a thin layer of mud on the roof, to […]

Yurt-in-g January

Looking into the Sun


Roofing Almost Finished


Protecting the Bond Beam

The aims to finish the Yurt:

-Finish the roof bamboo

-Finish the woven walls

-Cut the doors

-Repair the bond beam

-Add cob to the roof, covered with a layer of Tadelakt

-Earthen Floor

-Interior dividing wall


January- summer in the subtropics

January has arrived, and with it the low activity period for the land. The weather has been uncharacteristicly wet, with more rainfall in the first 5 days of the month than is normal for the whole of January. The road has been partially washed away and we have yet to see the damage […]

Yurt Progress





Recently it stopped raining. In fact, it rained 100mm in 5 hours ( photo above ) and then for the following 3 weeks it didn’t rain at all. The spring dried up completely, leaving stagnant pools with a few tadpoles ekeing out the last available space. Of course that meant that […]