A rectillinear Tatlin’s Tower in the Himalayas.

And.. violence

Upon the passing of the housing bill, was reminded of this:

Peter Gelderloos, How non-violence protects the state.


True research?

Go Timothy Morton..

I truly believe that professionalization is an ideological construct designed to INHIBIT true research, rather than foster it.

Principles for introducing alternative building technologies in developing countries

These are Kelly Lerner’s principles for introducing alternative building technologies in developing countries, taken from the book Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods. I thought these are quite appropriate and well thought out.

1: Learn from the locals Ask questions, observe living patterns, investigate construction sites, build relations with people, listen to their […]

Economics of Natural Building

Just completed 7 weeks at Aprovecho‘s Sustainable Shelter Series Workshops.

The course gives a week long introduction to various building techniques, primarily using natural materials. The end result is the construction of a small building- in this case, an office for a neighbouring farm. One week was spent constructing each part of […]

Beginning again

Non-traditional means of survival


Perhaps the most distinctive, and surreal, characteristic of Arcosanti is its economic engine: windbell production. The inhabitants of the arcology work in the apse-enclosed foundry, pouring bronze over handmade clay and sand molds to create bells. Open to the environment and overlooking the stunning desert landscape, this process is unlike anything I […]

Architects-Natural Building-Ecology

These two lectures are a way further in the direction which my thinking is going in terms of relating the professional and theoretical realm of architecture to sustainablility in the true long term ecological sense. As a brief analysis, I think that MH is proposing a formal / diagrammatic solution to the issue […]

Ladakh colour reversal


By Simon Schubert